WebMD Pain Coach App Reviews

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Cant sign up to use app

This app wont let me sign up, I cant access it at all, multiple times tried to sign up but keeps saying connection required to enrol...Im connected over cell data and wifi. Also tried creating an account online which worked fine but I cant use it to sign into this app! Super frustrating :(

Cant sign up

Always get the message: connection required to sign up.

Cant sign in- says I dont have a signal

This sounds like a great app, would have loved to use it. After plugging in all my info for signing up and hitting the "done" button, it tells me I dont have a signal, although I do. I checked anyways.

Great app

I luv this app

Its ok

My favourite part is being able to rate the pain. I wish there was a journal part where you can put what you did that day, like work, exercise etc so you can see if the tasks you do make it worse.

Good but

I cant print out my info for my Dr.

Best Health App Ever!

Chronic pain is a huge part of my life and always will be. This app is superior to all others. It not only looks great, its easy to use and tracks all of your conditions, pain levels, symptoms, triggers and medications all in one app. Btw I rarely leave reviews but I just had to for this app. *My only complaint -I wish the "journal" was a summary of your day or a dashboard and that there was a real journal to add written/voice notes to. Also would be great to be able to communicate with other people. **Please do not let this prevent you from using this app as Im sure they will make improvements! Love this app.

Helps me

I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain can be depressing. Great to be able to easily enter information regarding type of pain and medication I took. If I get in a bit of a slump this helps remind me its not all bad. I agree it would be nice to print off data.

Organizing My Chronic Pain

I can use this journal to show my Chronic Pain Physician how well my treatment plan is working. Also, I can create goals, cross them off as completed, etc. I can keep tract of symptoms in my language by adding signs I am experiencing.

Love this app!

With having Fibromyalgia on top of other issues this is the best app to show the doctor good days and bad days, triggers, etc.

Works well for me!

This app is so helpful and it has been a nice convenience to log my pain and fatigue for the past six weeks since I got it. Much easier than writing it down. I like how it reminds me at the end of the day if I forget to enter something. The report it shows when I turn my phone sideways has been helpful for me in figuring out what is helping me and on what days as I experiment with different treatments to find whats best for me.

App not working

I could not get this app to work. Tried to register and it said to enter valid information which I had already done. I tried a few times and then gave up. I am deleting this app.

Bad app needs updating

I have to give this app 1 star. Every day it crashes so I really dont know what a really functional pain app is like. It is good in theory but needs a whole lot of work!!

Great App

A wonderful way to tract my pain & how it changes over time with my new interventions!

Has Potential

Ive used this app for a number of years now, and rely heavily on it for tracking migraines. My frustration with it is frequent crashes; some that have required me to delete the app and reload. Whenever I reload it, I lose all my data. Now it wont open at all, and I know Ill have to reload it again. When it works, its great. It would even be better if theyd fix it.

Please repair this app!

I love this app, but lately all it does is crash! Im sadly gonna have to find another app to track my pain!

Very pleased

As a sufferer of chronic back pain, I like this app which allows me to track my pain, what I did to cause or aggravate the symptoms. I am looking forward to sharing with my doctor at my next appointment.

Pain coach Web MD

Great app. Chronic pain in several parts of my body and this app helps me cope.


Simple and clear! Its a no fuss app that really helps track pain. Good job!

Great at tracking days, but could be better.

Ive used this app for over one month, sometimes multiple times a day, to track my CRPS flare ups and chronic post traumatic arthritis pain. Its a great start, but I would add to the triggers "unknown" or "none". Also, theres no CRPS trigger. I would also add a monthly aggregate total of days. Such as, "In August you had 12 good days, 8 bad days, 7 manageable days... Et al"

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