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WebMD Pain Coach app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 592 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: WebMD
Current version: 1.3.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 Sep 2012
App size: 34.29 Mb

WebMD Pain Coach™ offers a holistic approach to balancing lifestyle with chronic pain conditions to help inspire a better day. WebMD’s new app is a mobile companion to help you through daily health and wellness choices so you can better manage your chronic pain. Enjoy a personalized experience as physician-reviewed tips related to your specific condition are delivered daily to you. WebMD Pain Coach™ puts you in control of your lifestyle choices so you can review personal patterns to understand triggers, set goals, and easily share progress with your physician.

588 Tips – 293 Articles – 86 Goals – 25 Videos – 21 Slideshows – 5 Quizzes

WebMD Pain Coach™ is specially designed and customized for people with the following chronic pain conditions:
- Back pain
- Neck pain
- Nerve pain
- Fibromyalgia
- Migraine
- Osteoarthritis
- Rheumatoid arthritis

If your chronic pain condition is not listed above, you can still use the app to track pain, set goals, and get pain management tips, articles, slideshows and videos.

When you first download and use WebMD Pain Coach™, you are asked to select your chronic pain condition(s), as well as symptoms, triggers and treatments that apply to your condition(s). If privacy is important, the option to set a four digit PIN will keep your information secure. WebMD’s drug look-up allows you to search and select over-the-counter and prescribed medications, and record the dosage of each drug selected.

WebMD Pain Coach™ is organized into four easy-to-use sections:
The Journal section allows you to quickly and easily record your day. A separate Journal screen exists for each day. Once entries are created for multiple days, flip back to see your pain history. Turn your phone sideways to generate your Pain Coach™ Report: a historical chart that plots your general well-being against your pain levels while listing your most common symptoms, triggers and treatments. Tap on a day to view a snapshot of your pain history and export your Pain Coach™ Report to PDF and email it to yourself or your physician.
• Record how you generally feel each day by sliding the Pain Coach™ ‘Well Being Belt.’
• Log a pain entry to track details surrounding pain: pain level from 1-10, symptoms, triggers, treatments and notes.
• Reminder to log a pain entry by receiving a Pain Coach™ notification once a day.
• View a new Daily Tip that is personalized to your condition(s), triggers and treatments.
• If you set goals to better manage pain, tap ‘Today’s Goals’ to check off achieved goals.

- Goals
The Goals section allows you to browse and select physician-approved goals from five lifestyle categories related to your pain condition(s): Food, Rest, Exercise, Mood, and Treatments. You can also create your own goals. Each related tip can be viewed before selecting a goal. The goal duration can be set from one day to one year.
• The green ribbon at the top of the Goals screen indicates the percent completion rate for active goals.
• Once a goal is selected, tap ‘My Goals’ to view Goal Activity for active and completed goals.
• If you have more than one chronic pain condition, the goal that is suggested for a specific condition is indicated.

- Library
The Library section contains all of the critical, physician-approved content relevant to your condition(s) and pain management. The Library contains hundreds of articles, videos, slideshows and quizzes. All articles are available for offline reading.
• Library content contains links to WebMD’s mobile website.
• The Library is searchable.
• Share all Library content via email, Facebook or Twitter.

- Tips
The Tips section features hundreds of ‘bite-sized’ tips that are matched with goals and organized into the same five lifestyle categories: Food, Rest, Exercise, Mood and Treatments. Each goal has between 3-10 supporting tips.
• Search for a specific tip.
• After reading a tip, view the goal related to the tip, or view related Library articles.

Pros and cons of WebMD Pain Coach app for iPhone and iPad

WebMD Pain Coach app good for

Chronic pain is a huge part of my life and always will be. This app is superior to all others. It not only looks great, its easy to use and tracks all of your conditions, pain levels, symptoms, triggers and medications all in one app. Btw I rarely leave reviews but I just had to for this app. *My only complaint -I wish the "journal" was a summary of your day or a dashboard and that there was a real journal to add written/voice notes to. Also would be great to be able to communicate with other people. **Please do not let this prevent you from using this app as Im sure they will make improvements! Love this app.
I have fibromyalgia and chronic pain can be depressing. Great to be able to easily enter information regarding type of pain and medication I took. If I get in a bit of a slump this helps remind me its not all bad. I agree it would be nice to print off data.
I can use this journal to show my Chronic Pain Physician how well my treatment plan is working. Also, I can create goals, cross them off as completed, etc. I can keep tract of symptoms in my language by adding signs I am experiencing.
With having Fibromyalgia on top of other issues this is the best app to show the doctor good days and bad days, triggers, etc.
This app is so helpful and it has been a nice convenience to log my pain and fatigue for the past six weeks since I got it. Much easier than writing it down. I like how it reminds me at the end of the day if I forget to enter something. The report it shows when I turn my phone sideways has been helpful for me in figuring out what is helping me and on what days as I experiment with different treatments to find whats best for me.
A wonderful way to tract my pain & how it changes over time with my new interventions!

Some bad moments

This app wont let me sign up, I cant access it at all, multiple times tried to sign up but keeps saying connection required to enrol...Im connected over cell data and wifi. Also tried creating an account online which worked fine but I cant use it to sign into this app! Super frustrating :(
This sounds like a great app, would have loved to use it. After plugging in all my info for signing up and hitting the "done" button, it tells me I dont have a signal, although I do. I checked anyways.
I could not get this app to work. Tried to register and it said to enter valid information which I had already done. I tried a few times and then gave up. I am deleting this app.
I have to give this app 1 star. Every day it crashes so I really dont know what a really functional pain app is like. It is good in theory but needs a whole lot of work!!
I have no idea whether I would like this app or not. I tried to sign in multiple times and it crashed every time. Its already deleted. One other note, this app hasnt been updated since 2014. It clearly isnt a high priority for WebMD.
This app crashes EVERY time I try to log in. Absolutely useless!